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I am proud of this record — Bill mixed the hell out of it.

Tim Larson

Tim Larson and the Owner Operators

BobDog Studios have everything you need to give your songs what they deserve: professional recording by people who know what it takes to make great music. They have all the latest tools but take care to make the technology serve the artist, not vice versa

Vernam Cipher

Experienced, competent, professional, through and very accommodating. BobDog matches sensitivity to musical artistry with technical prowess in the studio environment. The final master of my CD exceed my expectations. “Inside My Mind’s Eye” is a successful CD due to BobDog`s ability to bring the music to life.

Jim Haptonstahl

We had an absolutely amazing experience working with Bill. The Studio is spacious and has a great overall environment. We look forward to coming back soon. BobDog Studios’ the place to be.

Brian, Geoff, Jared, Nate and Shabaaz - alone at last (formerly Defisyt / pre-The Holocene)

Bill Kavanagh’s BobDog Studios turned out to be the best thing that could have happened for me and my project. BobDog worked long and hard on the editing and mixing of my CD, and helped make it a recording of which I’ll always be proud. I know none of us involved will ever forget the process of recording the CD, “Clandestiny”. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. Thanks, Bill.

Jeff Churchwell

From the moment we started recording we felt as if we were working in our own living room.

Tony Janacek

Glen Ayre

In addition to providing me the ideal recording environment for my purposes, the engineering expertise was invaluable throughout the entire process. The rates are reasonable, to boot. I highly recommended Bill’s Studio for anyone wanting to bring their musical projects to life

Ray Grasse

I very much enjoyed working at BobDog Studios. Bill is totally dedicated to creating a quality product.

Rich Ingle

Comfort Food

BobDog Studios has the cutting-edge tools, engineering skills and instinctive ability to help you bring out the best in your music – the unpretentious atmosphere makes it easy to brainstorm and produce incredible tracks the first time.

Jamie Shannon


Great ears, good ideas and a real passion for the end result. That is part of what makes BobDog Studios so amazing! Thanks again.

Ryan Sarti

Bill, you are the god of sound.

Justin Hagon

Sounds great, even better than I`d hoped, so we definitely accomplished what I had set out to do and more.

Robert McShane

Wow! It sounded great. How do you do that? The guitar sound was like a Badfinger solo; way to go, good job BK!!

Mimi Betinis

Thanks again for the gorgeous mastering job – the more I listen, the more incredible it sounds and I am so proud.


Bill, I seriously can’t get over the recording you made at your studio. Amazing is an understatement. I love letting my friends listen to it and as all the other instruments come in they look stupefied and they always say ‘Is that you?!’  You the man!

Scott Stiffler

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