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BobDog Studios Hardware

Our Hardware

Creation Station CS450 v5

Asus w/Z170 Chipset motherboard
Intel 6th Gen i7, 3.4 GHz,4 Cores/8 Threads
Noctua: NHU98 CPU cooling, & ULN 120mm & ULN 80mm front & rear cooling
32GB DDR4/2133 Mhz RAM
500GB Samsung M.2 SSD (SATA 6.0 Gb/s) system drive,
2TB Seagate Barracuda audio drives (2) & 2TB Seagate Barracuda library drive
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit OS
DVD+/-RW Lightscribe Optical Drive
750W Enermax Modular (115v/220v manually switchable) power supply
External SATA Drives: 3T (2), 2T (2) , 1.5T (2) & 1T (2)

Additional Hardware

Apogee Big Ben Master Word Clock
Ashly XR-1001 Crossover
Genelec 1030a Powered Studio Monitors
Fostex PM-1 Powered Studio Monitors
M&K Sound MX-70B Subwoofer
Neutrik NYS-SPPL 1/4″ Balanced Patchbay (3)
Samsung 22” Widescreen Video Monitors (2)
SPL MTC 2381 Monitor & Talkback Controller
SSL XLogic Alpha-Link MADI-AX 24-Channel AD/DA Converters


(Mixing “in the box” & analog summing — and proud of it!) Allen & Heath WZ16:2DX (for PA in the live room)


RME HDSPeRayDAT 66 channel PCIe Internal Audio & MIDI Interface

Studio Amplifiers

Carvin DCM 2000 (425w/2) Hafler P-125 (62w/2)
Symetrix 304 Headphone Amp


Korg DT-10
TC Electronics Polytune
Various Snarks


Kurzweil K2600 XS Sampling Workstation
Kurzweil K2500 XS Sampling Workstation
1916 Kimball Upright Piano


Fostex T-40 (2)
Shure SRH440
Sony MDR-7506 (5)


AKG D-112 Cardioid Dynamic
AKG 320-B Cardioid Dynamic
Beyerdynamic Opus 88 Small-Diaphragm Condenser (3)
ElectroVoice N/D 868 Cardioid Dynamic
ElectroVoice RE20 Dynamic Broadcast
Marshall MCA SP-1 Large-Diaphragm Condenser with Microphone Parts mods (2)
Mojave MA100 Small-Diaphragm Tube Condenser
Rode K2 Large-Diaphragm Tube Condenser
Rode M1 Cardioid Dynamic
Rode NT1 Large-Diaphragm Condenser with Michael Joly Engineering mod
Rode NT5 Small-Diaphragm Condenser with Michael Joly Engineering modded capsules (2-Matched Pair)
Rode NTK Large-Diaphragm Tube Condenser (2) with Michael Joly Engineering mod
Rode NTR Active Ribbon
Royer R121 Dynamic Ribbon
Sennheiser E906 Supercardioid Dynamic
Sennheiser E609 Supercardioid Dynamic
Shure KSM 141 Small-Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser (2-Stereo Pair)
Shure SM 57 Cardioid Dynamic (5)
Shure SM 58 Cardioid Dynamic (10)

Guitars / Bass Guitars

Carvin AC50 Fretless Acoustic 5-String Bass Guitar-2006
Carvin AE185-12 Acoustic Electric Semi-Hollow 12-String Guitar-2008
Carvin C980 Jumbo Acoustic Guitar-2007
Carvin LB75 Bass Guitar-1991
Fender Precision Bass Guitar-1960
Fender Jazz Bass Guitar-1962
Fender MIM Precision Bass Guitar-1990
Fender MIM Stratocaster Electric Guitar-1994
Fender MIM Telecaster Electric Guitar-2007
Hamer Echotone Semi-hollow Electric Guitar
Hamer CH12 Chaparral 12-String Bass Guitar-2008
Hofner 500/1 Bass Guitar-1966
Hondo Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar-1981
KLS AB1 Fretless Acoustic 4-String Bass Guitar-1988
KLS EB1 Fretless Electric 4-String Bass Guitar-1981
Michael Kelly Dragonfly Fretless Acoustic 4-String Bass Guitar
Michael Kelly Valor Custom Electric Guitar-2007
Schecter C-1 Artist Electric Guitar-2006

Drums / Percussion

1966 Ludwig Blue Oyster Pearl “Ringo” Kit, Including:
Kick (20w x 16d)
Rack Tom 1 (12w x 8d)
Rack Tom 2 (13w x 9d) – (1970s)
Floor Tom (16w x 16d)
1970s Ludwig Acrolite Snare (14w x 6d)
Maxwin 14″ Trash Cymbal
Paiste 17″ Crash Cymbal
Zyldjian Cymbals: 19″ Ride, 15″ Crash, 13″ New Beat Hats, 13″ Quick Beat Hats, 12″ Splash (2), 8″ Splash
Pearl Kick Pedal
DW & Remo Cymbal Stands
Claves (pair)
12″ Remo Djembe
9″ Dumbek
Egg Shakers (4)
12″ Gong
Maracas (2 pair)
Tambourine (2)


Avalon AD2022 Dual Mono Mic/Instrument Pre (2)
dbx DriveRack PA+
Drawmer DL241 Dual Auto Compressor
Earthworks KickPad Inline Drum EQ
Imagimotion MixBuss 16-2 Summing Mixer
Motion Sound Pro 3 Leslie Simulator
Presonus ADL600 Two Channel Tube Mic Pre
Presonus Digimax D8 Eight Channel Mic Pre
Rupert Neve Portico 5012 Duo Mic Pre
Rupert Neve Portico 5024 Quad Mic Pre
Rupert Neve Portico 5043 Compressor/Limiter Duo
Universal Audio 4-710d Quad Mic Pre/Insrtument Pre/Compressor


Avalon U5 High-Voltage Instrument DI/Preamp
Boss AD-5 Acoustic Instrument Processor (2)
Galuszka Passive (2)
Radial Engineering J48 Active
Radial Engineering PZ-DI Piezo-optimized Active
Radial Engineering X-Amp Amp Driver
Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI



Guitar / Bass Amplifiers

1972 Ampeg B-15 S Flip-Top Combo Bass Amp 1×15 (EVM-B)
2010 Carvin BR515N
1995 Carvin Vintage 33 Combo Guitar Amp 1×12
1965 Fender Bassman Head
2014 Galien Kruger MB210 Combo Bass Amp 2×10
1998 SWR Workingman’s Fifteen Combo Bass Amp 1×15
1996 Trace Elliot Tramp Combo Guitar Amp 1×12

Speaker Cabinets

1995 Ampeg SVT 4x10HE
2010 Carvin BR210N-4 2×10
2000 ElectroVoice Exterminator (2)
2000 ElectroVoice Exterminator Sub (2)
1965 Fender Bandmaster 2×12
1966 Fender Bandmaster 2×12 (EVM-Ls)
1979 Pan Audio 1×15 (JBL D-140)

AC Power Handling

APC UPS CS Backup 500
Furman AR-1215 AC Line Voltage Regulator
Juice Goose
Tripp-Lite Isobar 12
Tripp-Lite Isobar 4

Cassette Deck

NAD 6300 Monitor Series

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