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These days most recordings are done under sterile conditions, one track at a time and then edited for timing- and pitch-perfection. This can lead to any semblance of groove, energy and emotion being stripped away. This style of processed perfection recording has become so much the norm that when a band comes out with a sloppily recorded CD, they’re hailed as visionaries.

At BobDog Studios you can record up to 24 audio tracks and one midi track at a time. This means your whole band can record at the same time. You can have the luxury of playing together — watching and cuing each other — grooving as a band instead of taking turns and waiting while a bandmate is recording. We know a song doesn’t have to be sloppy to groove and to be powerful. Instead, we strive for the sweet spot; that balance between feel and perfection: digital clarity with analog feel. Unlimited digital audio and midi tracks are available using Steinberg`s Cubase.

Of course, there is much to be said for recording one track at a time.  For example,  it allows the artist(s) the luxury of taking time to get everything right; it cuts down on scheduling snafus; it allows one person to be a whole band. And we offer that as well. We´ll even make it sound perfect, if you want it that way. We even have Antares Auto-Tune and Celemony Melodyne Editor.

And you can do all this in a comfortable, relaxing yet professional setting without the cost of a major commercial studio. You don´t have to fight the drive into Chicago or worry about parking either. We´re also located in a nice neighborhood so you don´t have to worry about your car or about leaving the studio in the wee hours.

Choose the 7′ x 9′ isolation booth for the drums, vocals, that guitarist that plays three times louder than anybody else, you name it. The 12′ x 23′ live room can accommodate a full band in itself. The 7′ x 15′ control room is well-appointed and comfortable. There’s even a 13′ x 20′ room for relaxing, playing piano, watching cable, music DVD’s, etc, so that when the time comes that inspired fiery performance, you’ll be rested and ready for anything. Add over $3000 in Auralex acoustic treatment and you are assured of a professional sound that stands up to any studio regardless of price.

Engineers are available at most hours of the day until midnight throughout the week with late night weekends available. Mastering featuring Steinberg’s Wavelab and Universal Audio’s UA, Pultec, SPL, Neve, Precision (and numerous other) plug-ins is offered at a slightly higher rate.


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