BobDog Studios

BobDog Studios

Record up to 24 audio tracks and MIDI simultaneously.

BobDog Studios

BobDog Studios

Years of experience and top of the line hardware and software

BobDog Studios Oak Park IL

BobDog Studios

Comfortable, relaxing yet professional setting.

BobDog Studios

The Sweet Spot - that balance between feel and perfection.

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Oak Park, IL | (708) 386-0051

BobDog Studios: Professional Audio Recording

                                           in Oak Park, IL

At BobDog Studios we strive for the sweet spot; that balance between feel and technical perfection.

The warmth and charm of analog with the precision of digital. We have created a relaxed but highly professional setting without the cost of a large commercial facility.

Our near west Suburban location is safe and secure at all hours.

We have had the privilege and opportunity to work on some great projects with some amazing artists and we would love to be able to add your name to that list.

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